Celtic Services

Seattle Hardwood Floor InstallationDepending on the wood and finish, hardwood floors can lend an air of luxury to a traditional home, a rustic elegance to a country house, or a sleek polish to a contemporary loft. Whether you already have a wood in mind, or need help selecting the ideal material, stain and finish, it is hard to go wrong with a hardwood floor. Once you have decided on your flooring, Celtic flooring will install, sand, stain (if you choose) and finish the material. We also install laminate flooring as well as stairs, custom borders and inlays.

Seattle Hardwood Floor RefinishingOver time hardwood floors may lose their luster. Lively children, pets, high-heeled shoes, just daily living — all take a toll, and the protective finish will eventually wear off.

That’s when the floor needs refinishing. Celtic Hardwood Floors can bring life back to your old floors, restoring them to their full glory. Refinishing your hardwoods will not only make them shine again, but will protect them for years.

The process of refinishing begins with sanding, and then, if you choose, the application of a stain. We can do a custom stain to get precisely the shade you want. The last step is to apply the finish. We offer Swedish and water-based finishes, and a variety of oils. We are also very experienced working eco-friendly finishes, such as hard wax. We can do virtually any finish you want.

You will be amazed at how good your old floors will look!

Seattle Hardwood Floor RepairHardwood floors by nature are quite sturdy. But damage can occur — pet stains, and discoloration and warping due to refrigerator and dishwasher leaks are common damages we repair.

We are also very experienced working with insurance claims.

Accidents happen, and sometimes the result is gouges, nicks or scratches in your beautiful floors. Flooding can also cause damage. In all of these instances, the damage may be a little or a lot. Sometimes only a few boards need refinishing or replacing. Other times the necessary fix is more extensive.

Regardless of the degree of damage, Celtic Hardwood Floors will work to bring your floors back to their former splendor.